Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NCTE Blogs to Note

On NCTE blogs you’ll find great discussions of educational issues and teaching ideas ready for the classroom. Read the entries below and share your feedback in the comments.

And don't miss the blogs that have been posted on the NCTE 2008 Convention Ning and elsewhere by NCTE members!

How about you? Do you blog about your teaching? Share details on your blog in the comments below! I'm building a blogroll, and I want to include YOU!


Dana Huff said...

Traci, I write about English and technology (and that's why I'm very excited about this year's convention theme) at http://www.huffenglish.com/.

Michelle said...

I have a new blog (and podcast) about my experiences as a new teacher at http://www.newteacherpodcast.com/.

hickstro said...

Hi Traci,

Any chance that you could build not only a blogroll, but one single RSS feed of all the "official" NCTE blogs, as well as another of NCTE member blogs?

Not to give you more work to do, but I would appreciate having things all in one feed so I can put that right into my Google Reader.

As for me, I blog on "Digital Writing, Digital Teaching" at: http://hickstro.org



Unknown said...

http://www.debrennersmith.com I am a published author and writing and reading consultant. I write about reading and writing on my blog daily. I would love to be included on your NCTE list of blogs. I am looking forward to your NCTE conference in November. deb

Susanne Nobles said...

I write too about English and teaching, linking in technology often. I have learned great ideas from your posts of tech tools. My blog is called "Still Learning" at http://snobles.blogspot.com/.

Cathy Ikeda said...

I am the reading specialist and literacy coach so my blog is for both my teachers and our parents. It's my journey through education, literacy and technology.

Can't wait for the convention!

Tammy Gillmore said...

Always looking for more teachers to add to my Reader! My personal blog is at treasures.edublogs.org.

I have also created a blog for each of my classes. This has been a great experience so far, and the students seem to appreciate having a "personal message board" that they can check out. Two of the classes are at pioneerswrite.blogspot.com and writingright10.blogspot.com.

Unknown said...


This is an updated link to my blog. The old link quit working. I still have not figured out a solution. This link works. Thanks, deb

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