Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Have You Thanked a Teacher Today?

Teachers know that one of the great rewards of the profession is receiving a sincere gesture of gratitude for the work we do. Such gestures are especially appropriate this week, as it's Teacher Appreciation Week, a time when communities are encouraged to thank teachers for their intellectual and emotional contributions to students’ lives.

You can find digital alternatives to the polished red apple as the effort to honor teachers goes online. The National PTA, for example, has a Thank-a-Teacher Facebook group that allows users to publish words, pictures, and videos of thanks to an influential educator. The National Education Association is unveiling an online collection of thank you cards to teachers this week as well.

Because these initiatives serve the dual purpose of saying thanks while also raising the visibility of the importance of the profession, I certainly encourage you to use one of them to thank an important teacher in your life.

But I also hope you’ll take some time this week to thank some teachers you may not immediately think of during Teacher Appreciation Week: your colleagues.

Maybe it’s a grade-level partner who has helped you perfect the art of co-teaching. Or a team member who has worked with you on infusing literacy strategies in a content area classroom. Or a department colleague who’s always sharing new and fresh approaches to a shared course curriculum.

Even in the best collaborative relationships, it can be difficult to find the time to express proper thanks. So set aside a few minutes this week to thank a colleague for the difference he or she makes in your professional life.

After all, there are plenty of times when students and families aren’t providing that positive support for the work teachers do. Often it’s our network of colleagues—down the hall or across the country, in our buildings and in professional organizations such as NCTE—that support and sustain us.

Let them know that you value the work they do with you and the influence they have on you!


Nan said...

My husband is also a teacher. This year for Teacher Appreciation Week, his school sent thank you cards to the families of the teachers. There was a nice note in there thanking the families for all of their patience and understanding during the school year. They also included a picture of my husband teaching. It was signed by the school principal. It was a very nice gesture.

Janlac said...

"Teachers knew that one of the great rewards of the profession is receiving a sincere gesture of gratitude for the work teachers do everyday in the classrooms."

You're right... And I think, saying thanks to our teachers is the best thing you can do. Or you may include or giving them poems, stuffs or even flowers....

Belated Happy teacher appreciation week to all our dearly and beloved teachers...